Sunday, March 7, 2010


Have you ever seen something on TV, in a movie, or a music video you wanted to buy? The LOVE iTT ticker is a shopping service that helps you do exactly that!  Click here:
iTT displays cool products featured in TV shows, movies and music videos in a ticker system that scrolls product images below online videos and in one click links you to retailer purchase pages.
The seed for the LOVE iTT idea was planted in my head in 1997 while I was working on the HBO series OZ. One day I had to call P. Diddy's office to ask if we could hang a poster of him on the set's prison cell wall. "P" wasn't such a big diddy back then, and I remember thinking, wow, what a great opportunity for any anyone, and what a great way to sell posters! My next thought was lets build a website to sell all the products we featured on Oz to our fans!
As broadband and video on the Internet became more accessible, the LOVE iTT design evolved in my imagination. Beyond the 30 second ad, what is the best way to showcase products next to what we are watching? And how can it be done without automated video tagging software that has no human sense of humor or style? Then one day while watching CNBC that scrolling stock ticker morphed into this "visual shopping ticker" application that scrolls relevant product images below online media all hand-picked by a team of hip fashionistas.
Banner ads compete for our attention. LOVE iTT is designed to complement it. LOVE iTT e-motions the banner. Instead of pushing,  LOVE iTT pulls. LOVE iTT reverse engineers the ad from the consumer perspective and makes the content the commercial. Rather than duplicate traditional 30 second ads online, iTT enhances the viewer experience by using the ticker as a service and gives us a BRAND new reason to watch TV shows again online after it airs on traditional TV. There is nothing else out there now that elevates our base consumer wants into a service we enjoy. LOVE iTT makes shopping easy. LOVE iTT works!
Besides this LOVE iTT shopping site that demonstrates the service using music videos, we are developing licensing models where we stream the iTT ticker to video sites for use on your favorite TV shows and movies.  Stay tuned!