Thursday, December 23, 2010


I love this!  Wordle is an application that creates “word clouds” from text.  I just copied the link from this blog into this form and here is the word cloud Wordle created.  The clouds visually give prominence to words that appear more frequently in the source text.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Back in the early 1990's when I first glimpsed the Internet I was in complete awe realizing what this invention could do.  With my mouth gaping wide open at the screen, I silently whispered to myself, "Well, if God is anything, it is all of us together. And this is certainly a step in the right direction! 

When you consider the scientific fact the same patterns are reproduced in all levels of the cosmos, from the macrocosm universe level of galaxies, to the microcosm level of a cell, the Internet serves as an evolving incredible pattern of all of us together.  A view of our collective brain.  Our inner voice. A microcosm of the pre-Big Bang universe right there at our fingertips? 

So if it is true that all patterns in the cosmos mirror systems on every level, then just as humans give birth, reproduce and create life, is it reasonable that The Big Bang was simply the Universe giving birth to all of us? Now imagine that; if you are but one cell in the whole body of the Universe?  Each one of us one "cell" in the macrocosm of all that is.  Then perhaps it is true - all of us together is God.  

This makes me wonder what all of us can create together if we have the same passionate thought at the same time! 

Singularity?  Perhaps to the Universe all of us exist in its one cosmic breath. Since we are a microcosm of the macrocosm each conscious breath we take empowers all of us to be a co-creator in our shared universe.  For better or worse. 

Now I see how all of us fit perfectly together. 

Spirituality is my relationship with myself. 
Religion is my relationship with my community. 
GOD is my relationship with the Universe.  
And all exist simultaneously as one. 

This how we create new destinies for the planet, for our country, for our community, for our family, for ourselves, for our cells.  

The Internet is like kindergarten teaching us all how to connect to each other. This poem "ALL OF US TOGETHER IS GOD" is how I pray.  I call it listening.  A fun way to begin the day.  Enjoy!!  

Monday, March 8, 2010



I sit quietly in my chair
so excited about the journey
I close my eyes and to the beat of my breath
I tune into the light pulsing in my heart

I become the light 
I take a moment to feel it
breathing in this sun in my heart
and like starting an engine
I swirl up my spine filling my brain with light
and now like a laser I beam down to my feet 
and into the earth

I swirl in circles around the edge
round and round until I reach the center of our earth
I see sapphires rubies emeralds and diamonds 
layers and layers of lava and jewels 
like a cake made for God 

At the speed of thought
my light follows me like a comet  
as I swirl round and round the earth
lighting up the jewels
now all shining bright in my light 

I drape this gorgeous rainbow 
around me like a cape
and now fused together 
all the colors become white
and as one we light up 
the entire inside of the planet

Now in a nanosecond
I beam back up into my body 
up my spine and out the top of my head
Like roots of a tree 
my light keeps me connected to the earth

I keep going and going fueled by this light 
I shoot straight past the planets 
and into the endless dark
passing rivers of stars that light my way

I know exactly where I am going
and I am giggling even before I get there
and I see it
a beacon 
pulsing to the beat of my heart 

a light so bright
it encompasses me 
enfolds me
as every cell in my body opens like a flower
and all I feel is joy

the words fall out of my mouth 
in absolute awe and gratitude

I am home




Each one of us a cell in God's brain
and the soil the trees the earth the water 
are God's body and blood.
Together everything here is clear
all our experiences fused together as one

Here I can ask anything!
All the questions have answers
All the pain is resolved 
All the love is waiting to be opened
Like presents in a room
Gifts from our Creator
All born from love

Everything begins and ends here

Here there is no good and bad
only love and learning
Patience with all of us 
and our everyday choices
This is home
All of us together as one is Home
All of us together is God.

In the silence 
In the stillness 
I ask and I ask
I listen and I listen 
and what I hear lights me up! 
Now I know exactly what to do

My intention flows out like light
and the Universe reorganizes 
the cells of creation around it
I trust it 
I get out of the way 
as I humbly witness the source of creation in me

Step by step my dreams become real
Full of LOVE 
Full of learning
Full of all of us together learning
Full of GOD
I see the Universe inside all of us

In an instant 
my light beams me back into my body
now fueled with exuberance 
I begin the day!



God's View: photos by Alain Paiement (click on these for close-up)

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Have you ever seen something on TV, in a movie, or a music video you wanted to buy? The LOVE iTT ticker is a shopping service that helps you do exactly that!  Click here:
iTT displays cool products featured in TV shows, movies and music videos in a ticker system that scrolls product images below online videos and in one click links you to retailer purchase pages.
The seed for the LOVE iTT idea was planted in my head in 1997 while I was working on the HBO series OZ. One day I had to call P. Diddy's office to ask if we could hang a poster of him on the set's prison cell wall. "P" wasn't such a big diddy back then, and I remember thinking, wow, what a great opportunity for any anyone, and what a great way to sell posters! My next thought was lets build a website to sell all the products we featured on Oz to our fans!
As broadband and video on the Internet became more accessible, the LOVE iTT design evolved in my imagination. Beyond the 30 second ad, what is the best way to showcase products next to what we are watching? And how can it be done without automated video tagging software that has no human sense of humor or style? Then one day while watching CNBC that scrolling stock ticker morphed into this "visual shopping ticker" application that scrolls relevant product images below online media all hand-picked by a team of hip fashionistas.
Banner ads compete for our attention. LOVE iTT is designed to complement it. LOVE iTT e-motions the banner. Instead of pushing,  LOVE iTT pulls. LOVE iTT reverse engineers the ad from the consumer perspective and makes the content the commercial. Rather than duplicate traditional 30 second ads online, iTT enhances the viewer experience by using the ticker as a service and gives us a BRAND new reason to watch TV shows again online after it airs on traditional TV. There is nothing else out there now that elevates our base consumer wants into a service we enjoy. LOVE iTT makes shopping easy. LOVE iTT works!
Besides this LOVE iTT shopping site that demonstrates the service using music videos, we are developing licensing models where we stream the iTT ticker to video sites for use on your favorite TV shows and movies.  Stay tuned!