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Kepler : The Sphere Series by Matt Carone

My excellent friend Matt Carone is kicking it at 84!   I love Matt!  One of the most interesting men on the planet.  Or at least on Kepler! Photos I took in his art studio in Fort Lauderdale of his latest series.  Inspired from a conversation with his grandson about space time and physics.  Our favorite subject to discuss over wine and his famous eggplant parmigiano!  What can I say he is a Renaissance Man from Hoboken!  Oh and did I mention he is colorblind!  Amazing.  Check out more of Matt's art at links below. And here is NASA's version of Kepler:

My First Painting Circa 1994 Florence Italy

I just love the way the light hits it, different from every angle...

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Mobile Apps vs. Mobile Websites

Cablevision made an app so people can watch TV on the iPad. They have 3 million subscribers and 50,000 people downloaded it as of April 6th.  Now I love Steve Jobs too.  I want him to design my phone, my house, and my next car!  But why would a company invest in building an app for less than 2% of their customers?  Why not just put up a mobile website with a Flash and HTML5 video player so all 3 million Cablevision subscribers, via authentication, can enjoy viewing on the iPad or any mobile device, from anywhere.

Apple had this page up on their website with a list of "iPad ready" mobile sites. It is no longer up. Selling apps makes more money!  Here is another list of iPad ready sites. including CNN, Time, New York Times, National Geographic and the White House.    

The truth.  Apps are a completely unnecessary market. Steve Jobs knows this.  He is brilliant. Jobs is in the hardware business, but apps give Apple devices roots, makes the device personal to you, so much harder to break-up with Apple and marry a Blackberry!  Apps keeps customers loyal to Apple.  The fact that Apple makes 30% of all sales revenue from the App store and 40% of ad revenue from Mac apps is just the cherry on top of his Apple.  So if you are any business executive considering an app, do yourself a favor, build a mobile website, and keep all the ad money.  Live a little.  Steve has enough.  :-)  

This article with chart compares mobile apps to mobile websites. 

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I love this!  Wordle is an application that creates “word clouds” from text.  I just copied the link from this blog into this form and here is the word cloud Wordle created.  The clouds visually give prominence to words that appear more frequently in the source text.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Back in the early 1990's when I first glimpsed the Internet I was in complete awe realizing what this invention could do.  With my mouth gaping wide open at the screen, I silently whispered to myself, "Well, if God is anything, it is all of us together. And this is certainly a step in the right direction! 

When you consider the scientific fact the same patterns are reproduced in all levels of the cosmos, from the macrocosm universe level of galaxies, to the microcosm level of a cell, the Internet serves as an evolving incredible pattern of all of us together.  A view of our collective brain.  Our inner voice. A microcosm of the pre-Big Bang universe right there at our fingertips? 

So if it is true that all patterns in the cosmos mirror systems on every level, then just as humans give birth, reproduce and create life, is it reasonable that The Big Bang was simply the Universe giving birth to all of us? Now imagine that; if you are but one cell in the whole body of the Universe?  Each one of us one "cell" in the macrocosm of all that is.  Then perhaps it is true - all of us together is God.  

This makes me wonder what all of us can create together if we have the same passionate thought at the same time! 

Singularity?  Perhaps to the Universe all of us exist in its one cosmic breath. Since we are a microcosm of the macrocosm each conscious breath we take empowers all of us to be a co-creator in our shared universe.  For better or worse. 

Now I see how all of us fit perfectly together. 

Spirituality is my relationship with myself. 
Religion is my relationship with my community. 
GOD is my relationship with the Universe.  
And all exist simultaneously as one. 

This how we create new destinies for the planet, for our country, for our community, for our family, for ourselves, for our cells.  

The Internet is like kindergarten teaching us all how to connect to each other. This poem "ALL OF US TOGETHER IS GOD" is how I pray.  I call it listening.  A fun way to begin the day.  Enjoy!!  

Monday, March 8, 2010



I sit quietly in my chair
so excited about the journey
I close my eyes and to the beat of my breath
I tune into the light pulsing in my heart

I become the light 
I take a moment to feel it
breathing in this sun in my heart
and like starting an engine
I swirl up my spine filling my brain with light
and now like a laser I beam down to my feet 
and into the earth

I swirl in circles around the edge
round and round until I reach the center of our earth
I see sapphires rubies emeralds and diamonds 
layers and layers of lava and jewels 
like a cake made for God 

At the speed of thought
my light follows me like a comet  
as I swirl round and round the earth
lighting up the jewels
now all shining bright in my light 

I drape this gorgeous rainbow 
around me like a cape
and now fused together 
all the colors become white
and as one we light up 
the entire inside of the planet

Now in a nanosecond
I beam back up into my body 
up my spine and out the top of my head
Like roots of a tree 
my light keeps me connected to the earth

I keep going and going fueled by this light 
I shoot straight past the planets 
and into the endless dark
passing rivers of stars that light my way

I know exactly where I am going
and I am giggling even before I get there
and I see it
a beacon 
pulsing to the beat of my heart 

a light so bright
it encompasses me 
enfolds me
as every cell in my body opens like a flower
and all I feel is joy

the words fall out of my mouth 
in absolute awe and gratitude

I am home




Each one of us a cell in God's brain
and the soil the trees the earth the water 
are God's body and blood.
Together everything here is clear
all our experiences fused together as one

Here I can ask anything!
All the questions have answers
All the pain is resolved 
All the love is waiting to be opened
Like presents in a room
Gifts from our Creator
All born from love

Everything begins and ends here

Here there is no good and bad
only love and learning
Patience with all of us 
and our everyday choices
This is home
All of us together as one is Home
All of us together is God.

In the silence 
In the stillness 
I ask and I ask
I listen and I listen 
and what I hear lights me up! 
Now I know exactly what to do

My intention flows out like light
and the Universe reorganizes 
the cells of creation around it
I trust it 
I get out of the way 
as I humbly witness the source of creation in me

Step by step my dreams become real
Full of LOVE 
Full of learning
Full of all of us together learning
Full of GOD
I see the Universe inside all of us

In an instant 
my light beams me back into my body
now fueled with exuberance 
I begin the day!



God's View: photos by Alain Paiement (click on these for close-up)

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Have you ever seen something on TV, in a movie, or a music video you wanted to buy? The LOVE iTT ticker is a shopping service that helps you do exactly that!  Click here:
iTT displays cool products featured in TV shows, movies and music videos in a ticker system that scrolls product images below online videos and in one click links you to retailer purchase pages.
The seed for the LOVE iTT idea was planted in my head in 1997 while I was working on the HBO series OZ. One day I had to call P. Diddy's office to ask if we could hang a poster of him on the set's prison cell wall. "P" wasn't such a big diddy back then, and I remember thinking, wow, what a great opportunity for any anyone, and what a great way to sell posters! My next thought was lets build a website to sell all the products we featured on Oz to our fans!
As broadband and video on the Internet became more accessible, the LOVE iTT design evolved in my imagination. Beyond the 30 second ad, what is the best way to showcase products next to what we are watching? And how can it be done without automated video tagging software that has no human sense of humor or style? Then one day while watching CNBC that scrolling stock ticker morphed into this "visual shopping ticker" application that scrolls relevant product images below online media all hand-picked by a team of hip fashionistas.
Banner ads compete for our attention. LOVE iTT is designed to complement it. LOVE iTT e-motions the banner. Instead of pushing,  LOVE iTT pulls. LOVE iTT reverse engineers the ad from the consumer perspective and makes the content the commercial. Rather than duplicate traditional 30 second ads online, iTT enhances the viewer experience by using the ticker as a service and gives us a BRAND new reason to watch TV shows again online after it airs on traditional TV. There is nothing else out there now that elevates our base consumer wants into a service we enjoy. LOVE iTT makes shopping easy. LOVE iTT works!
Besides this LOVE iTT shopping site that demonstrates the service using music videos, we are developing licensing models where we stream the iTT ticker to video sites for use on your favorite TV shows and movies.  Stay tuned!  

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SOCIAL NETWORKS: The Global Linked Forest

It is no longer about eyeballs. NOW is about how we LINK eyeballs. Mining the Link Structure of How People Connect.
What is happening now "socially" on the Internet is what Google did with web page linking for advertising. Instead of considering each page in isolation, they examined the link structure of the entire web and computed a global evaluation of that structure. In other words they began looking at the entire forest instead of just the individual trees. This short article, "The Power of Links and the Value of Global Knowledge" by Paul Buchheit explains it so well.

"...this general approach of evaluating information in a global context is fundamental to many of the algorithms. These algorithms made it easier for Google to spot which web sites were actually important, and which were just pretenders."

Today on the Internet the same applies to people. So how do we apply this to social networks to create value? We create ways to join people. The future will be measured by how we empower people to link together around "what they like" and "how they work". 

Paul Buchheit says this:

There is GOLD in the way we link together around "what we like" and "how we work" data. The eyeball metric to measure advertising rates and to place valuation on "networks" is old-fashioned. The future is no longer about eyeballs; it's about how we LINK eyeballs.

Here is an example. I love this graph! This social graph shows "to" and "from" email contact on a project after a missed deadline. At a glance, project managers noticed clusters around formal departments and several hubs were under-performing creating bottlenecks. Managers intervened and created co-location of more project team members, reduced the communication load on the hubs, and improved performance later in the project. This is the future. And this is what we can do just with email!

Now imagine what we can do when we link what we are watching with what we buy simultaneously, in one click?  Check out the LOVE iTT ticker.!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Is Being Bad Beyond Our Control?

Here is a story I wrote in the 6th grade; age 11. My class got in trouble for talking. Miss Conti asked us to write an essay about why we were so bad. I still use this excuse! When I found this today in an old file I save in a drawer full of papers, I laughed out loud, because I must be "Mrs. Robinson" in the story. A foreshadowing written by an 11 year old version of myself!


On November 29, 1978 in room 413 at P.S. 102 the students in class 6-1 were very noisy and misbehaved. This occurred at 1:20pm. This class was normally well behaved, so this was an unusual happening. Miss Conti, the teacher of the class, was astounded by this odd behavior. To see that it would not occur again, Miss Conti assigned the students a 500 word composition on The Spirit of Noise.

Unfortunately, I had the misfortune of being a student in this particular class at that time and place. I had to do the assignment. To do this properly I did some research on noise. I went to the library to obtain books on noise. There I met an old woman who helped me use the reference catalogs. I told her of my assignment and the reason for it. After listening to me she told me that she worked at the Hayden Planetarium. She worked as an astronomer. Her name was Mrs. Robinson. What she then said really opened my eyes.

Mrs. Robinson told me that certain stars in a remote galaxy were finally in unison with the Earth after 2,500 years. The last time that this phenomenon occurred the Earth exhibited strange reactions in the field of noise. She told me that the higher up you are from street level the more you would be affected. When I told Mrs. Robinson my class was on the 4th floor, she nodded knowingly.

It seems that this galaxy affected the people on Earth in a strange manner. Similar to the pull of gravity only this force seems to affect behavior. Students who are normally well behaved start to talk and make loud noise. Another interesting thing that Mrs. Robinson told me concerned location. It seems that Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, specifically was a focal point for this force. People in other boroughs and other locations were not affected.

In view of this scientific data it seems that even though the class made noise their actions were beyond their control. Anyway it should not occur again for 2,500 years. But Mrs. Robinson said anther galaxy was going to be in a similar location in two months. She said that the stars in that particular galaxy when in unison, make 6th grade children mute for one day. They can't give a correct answer even when they know it! The class should not be held accountable for classwork on that day.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Ask anyone who has lived to be 100 and they will tell you they nap.

Do you want the best anti-aging, metabolism booster, stress reducer, energy enhancement cure?   


So who in the world came up with sleeping 8 hours a night?  It makes me wonder since so many people just can't sleep through the night.  These "8 hour a night" sleep promoters have created more insomniacs (and $10 billion per year in sleep med sales) then ever before in recorded history.  Consider this; it is not lack of sleep that gives people insomnia, it's from the stress of believing they SHOULD be sleeping that actually keeps people up!   

8 hours is fine, but not all at once.  Perhaps "staccato" sleepers, who sleep a few hours at a time, are on to something.  The human body is simply not designed to sleep in large blocks of time.  The same applies to eating habits.  We starve our bodies for 8 hours at night.  We overstuff then starve the tissues.  We literally starve ourselves at night, and add to the aging of our bodies by denying us food during these long hours.  This has definitive effects upon not just our bodies, but disorients our creativity and our degree of concentration.  It makes our instincts "blurry".  And in the process we have disempowered ourselves from our own healing ability.

With suggestion properly given, the body can recuperate in half the time now given to sleep.  To some extent we "drug" the body with suggestion, so that it believes it must sleep away a certain amount of hours in one block. We have trained our consciousness to follow certain patterns that are not necessarily natural for it, and these patterns increase this sense of separation between the waking and dreaming self, even to the extent where our own dreams seem strange and fragmented.  Sleeping pills and other medications also often prevent certain necessary dream cycles that can help the body recuperate, and the consciousness then becomes highly disoriented.  

Sleepwalking is also connected to this long sleep pattern.  Consciousness wants to return to the body, but it has been hypnotized into the idea that the body must not awaken.  Excess nervous energy takes over, and rouses the muscles to activity because the body knows it has been inactive for too long and otherwise severe muscle cramps would result. It is much more invigorating and efficient to have the body active rather than inactive for eight to ten hours.  Some cases of neurotic behavior result from present sleeping habits and physical inactivity.  Ideally, sleeping 3 to 5 hours at a time you gain the maximum benefit; anything over that is not nearly as helpful.  This particular "staccato" sleep schedule would generally aid persons with problems of depression or those with mental instability, even including schizophrenia. 

Many diseases are caused by this division and this long period of bodily inactivity, and this extended focus of attention in either direction of waking or dreaming reality.  The functions of hormones, and of adrenal processes in particular, would function with far greater effectiveness with these alternating periods of activities.  The wear and tear on the body would be minimized, while at the same time all regenerative powers would be used to the maximum.  Both those with a high and low, fast and slow metabolism, would benefit, and fatigue levels would always remain below danger points. 

Sleep in 3-5 hour blocks of time.  
Start with 5 hours at night, then 1-2 naps during the day as needed. No more than 8 hours total per day.

The same way that many light snacks works much better on the body than three large meals a day, short naps would also be more effective.  

Two periods of three hours each would be quite sufficient for most people, and with proper suggestions given as you lay down to sleep would insure the body's complete recuperation.  As we all have experienced ten hours of sleep results in a sluggishness both of the mind and body and is disadvantageous on the system.  In this case your consciousness has simply been away from the body for far too long a time, resulting in a loss of muscular and mental flexibility.  You would retain a far greater memory of your subjective experiences, and your body would be healthier. Six to eight hours of sleep in total would be sufficient with the nap patterns outlined.  People of course, vary in the amount of sleep they need.  Yet even those who think they need more sleep than this, would find they do not if all the sleep time was not spent in one block.  The entire system, physical, mental, and psychic (intuitive) would benefit.  

The divisions between the self would not be as severe.  Physical and mental work would be easier, and the body itself would gain steady periods of refreshment and rest.  As the sleep habits are now, it must wait, regardless of its condition for 16 hours to recuperate.  Due to chemical reactions during the dream state, bodily health with be improved.  Small meals or snacks would then be taken upon rising. This alternating method of sleeping and eating would greatly help various metabolic difficulties.  For many reasons physical activity at night has a different effect on the body than it does during the day.  And ideally both effects are necessary.  At certain times during the night the negative ions in the air are much stronger than in the daytime.  Activity during this time, particularly a walk or outside activity, would be highly beneficial from a health standpoint.  

The period before dawn usually represents a crisis point for people who are severely ill.  Consciousness has been taken away from the body for too long of a period, and such a returning consciousness has difficulty dealing with the sick body mechanism.  The practice in hospitals to give drugs to patients so that they sleep entirely throughout the night is detrimental for this reason.  In many cases it is too great a strain on the part of the returning consciousness to take over again the ailing mechanism.  

The division bewteen the waking and sleeping self is largely the result of how we use of time.  With more frequent, briefer, sleep periods, there will be higher peaks of conscious focus, and a more steady renewal of both physical and psychic dream activity.  A unified, more economical use of energy would result, and also a more effective use of nutrients.  Consciousness as you know it would also become more flexible and mobile. Our sense of time would be less rigorous and rigid. Instead of the "blurry" vision we get now from dreams and "meditation", greater conscious focus would result.  This is listening. Your conscious self listening to your unconscious self.  Creative abilities would be quickened, and the great problem of insomnia that exists for so many people would largely be conquered - for what they fear is often the long period of time in which consciousness, as they THINK of it, seems to be extinguished.  They don't sleep because they want to lose their mind!  But that is exactly what you want to do.  

Where do you go when you sleep and nap?  Naps are key to direct Theta brainwave access.  The more theta you have during waking hours the more creatively intelligent you are.  Your conscious self would recall more of its dream adventures, and these "messages" would be put to good use and enhance the totality of your experience.  Einstein did this: He would nap in a chair and balance a pencil between his thumb and index finger.  As soon as he would fall asleep, the pencil would fall to the floor and wake him up, and he would write down his dreams and thoughts.  E=mc2!   This technique was also used by Tesla, Thomas Edison, Napoleon, and Winston Churchill.  

Doctors, scientists have sought for the answers to disease and fail to find the source because the part of them that asks the question; is it.  So next time you nap, lay down, close your eyes, and ask yourself, what is the cure I need today.  Then simply relax and listen.  Do doctors cure you?  No.  You do.

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Adrenaline Fetish


Is it possible that adrenaline (those butterflies in your stomach) is the source cause of obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and arthritis? And if so, can we empower ourselves to reverse the effects?

Here's the deal: We are all predisposed to something; vulnerable to some disease passed on to us genetically. But ultimately it is up to us to create the environment in our bodies to bring it on. Or not. Along with family genes, we also "inherit" the family environment that breeds specific habits; mental, physical and emotional. So why do certain family members get sick and some don't? Bottom line: It's because our health is determined by how we each individually "react" to the environment; emotionally, mentally and physically. The way you are inclined to react to the environment will have specific effects on your body now and in your future.

So what does adrenaline have to do with disease or being fat? One doctor I asked said a friend of hers won't drive in traffic because the cortisol and adrenaline produced in her body by the stress will make her fat!

Adrenaline is your body's alarm system. Those butterflies in your stomach is the body's physical "fight or flight" response related to the psychology of anxiety and stress. Adrenaline is released in the body when the brain believes the physical integrity of the body is threatened. Immediately the nervous system increases the concentration of glucose (sugar) in the blood to create energy so the body has fuel to react fast. Blood pressure and the heartbeat rate increases, eyes dilate, and air passages increase to allow more oxygen to flow to increase physical performance in short bursts of time. Blood is pulled away from the stomach and sent to the muscles, so you can run! That's what causes the feeling of butterflies. Flight or fight.

Now: Imagine your fist clenched tight.

Cells cluster like this in an inflamed environment of physical, mental, or emotional stress; when you hit your elbow, someone cuts you off in traffic, or when you fight with your boss or mate! If cells are tense from stress or inflammed from disease or injury, they cluster together, like your clenched fist, and good stuff can't get in there to its job.

When cells are clustered the good food you eat or vitamins you take can not easily enter.  A lot of the money invested in supplements literally goes down the toilet.  Then people wonder why the product isn't working.

Now imagine unfurling your fingers open.
This is what cells do when you are relaxed. We have to create the environment in the body first so the healing can begin. Everything in the body and mind works better like this. Cells are optimized in this way by relaxing any resistance.  Oxygen can then enter so we can think clearly, nutrients can enter to give us energy, and blood flows better to decrease inflammation and pain. And when blood flows better, what else happens? You can throw the viagra prescription away!


Adrenaline comes in handy when your house is on fire. It is a one-time response and then the body calms down. For some, that initial clenching of the fist is a sign that an emotionally charged thought has been triggered in your mind and is the beginning of an adrenaline rush.

But what happens to the body under chronic or repeated stress? When the rush of adrenaline is frequent (every day) the body memorizes the ‘feeling’ and creates memories of surroundings and other references from the five senses and relates it to thought. Adrenaline and cortisol enhance memory processes, helping us to store and retrieve sensory cues and be alert to future danger. It creates a patterned brain circuit; a short cut to react. Like speed dial on your phone. While thinking is as spontaneous and natural as breathing, when thought is charged with emotion of the memory experienced during adrenaline rush, eventually the rush can be triggered simply by thinking about the related activity.  Let's call it the adrenaline drip.

We tend to treat behavior associated with addictions and not the source of the addiction. Addictive behaviors of the body are byproducts of emotionally charged  thoughts in the mind.  The thought triggers the physiological chemical reaction. It is the emotionally charged memorized thought charged with the rush of adrenaline that triggers the speed dialed addictive behavior. Yet the addictive effects of adrenaline aren’t found doing that activity, it is found when the adrenaline starts to build-up prior to doing that activity; in the mind.

Addicts are "hyperthinkers".  Alcohol addiction, sex addiction, work addiction are merely byproduct physical behaviors to numb or distract the mind from the compulsive "hyperthinking" connected to a negative experience that repeats like a broken record in the mind.  Any situation that triggers the patterned emotion will physically speed dial the overreaction.

When the mind compulsively speed dials the adrenaline rush, the nerve cells in the brain shrink, and we become numb. When adrenaline is overproduced in the body for extended periods of time, the person can no longer accurately measure risk effectively, leading to a further risk required next time for the same rush.

It is the initial rush of adrenaline that is addictive. The guilt or shame (that are components of any "vice") are only felt after the body comes back into balance. That moment when people say "what was I doing?".

Doing the activity to get a fix, anything from smoking to a picking a fight to risky sex, is the byproduct of the addiction, and dissipates the chemical; just like when nerves disappear as soon as a performer steps onstage or an athlete begins a competition, which are healthy alternatives to release the chemical.

When stress hormones remain high and hyperactive for many hours after the triggering event, your immune system sees these hyperactivity as the enemy. The cells in your body are working overtime to battle repeated fight or flight reactions to bring the body back into balance. This creates an internal war and communication between the cells break down. Overabundance of adrenaline creates the free radical environment in the body and is the root cause of autoimmune diseases.  So the cure for autoimmune diseases must begin with the brain.

Doctor's say autoimmune diseases cannot be cured because even if the body grows new cells (for example beta cells in type 1 diabetes) for some unknown reason the immune system has it out for particular cells and will kill them again. Still, the body always seeks to regenerate and achieve balance again. Perhaps a way to "reboot" the system to get cells to remember what it was like before the internal war.

Can this speed dialed adrenaline rush be reversed in adults? Yes. Because of the plasticity of the brain where adrenaline addiction exists, with some practice to unlearn the habit, it can "disconnect" the byproduct addictions.

Parents will recognise their kid(s) becoming hyper prior to an activity. This is the child's way of dealing with the adrenaline chemical, until the activity begins to dissipate it. Instead of telling a child to ‘calm down’ and ’sit still’ when children become "hyper", parents may instead tell the child to go run up and down the street or go bounce on the trampoline for 10 minutes. Start the practice early to give children healthy safe outlets for their emotions and feelings and much disease will be prevented.

Adrenaline energy flows from the brain down the spine and up the front of the body; backwards. When you feel the adrenaline energy start to build when an emotionally charged memory is triggered, be alert and tell yourself to stop. Visually stop the flow with your mind and move it forward from your brain down the front of your body and up your back in a forward motion like you are riding a bike. You can even use your hands to create a spinning momentum of the forward moving energy. This creates endorphins and a much better positive fix.  Take three deep conscious breaths to make space between your cells before they get a chance to cluster. 

This ceases the war, and you feel these peaceful effects immediately as the adrenaline simply dissolves before the roller coaster effect even begins. The first time you do this, you may laugh from the wonderful feeling produced by your brain and felt throughout your body. The difference? You feel BAD after an adrenaline rush and you feel GOOD after an endorphin rush.

Disease is a war inside the body caused by cells that are not communicating.  Your emotions run everything.  So let your emotions work for you. We always have the power to create the environment in our body for all healing to begin.