Saturday, September 20, 2008

E=mc2 = An All Brainer?

Back in the early 1990's when I first glimpsed the Internet (Lexis/Nexis in pre-GUI text format!) I was in complete awe realizing what this invention could do.  With my mouth gaping wide open at the screen, I silently whispered to myself, "Well, if God is anything, it is all of us together.  And this is certainly a step in the right direction!"  

When you consider the scientific fact that the same patterns are reproduced in all levels of the cosmos, from the macrocosm universe level of galaxies, to the microcosm level of a cell, the Internet serves as an evolving incredible pattern of all of us together.  A view of our collective brain.  Our inner voice.  A microcosm of the pre-Big Bang universe accessible right there at our fingertips? 

Only limited by our thoughts, it communicates our beliefs in a world wide web of stories and ideas to help us learn how to cooperate, tolerate, understand, sometimes hate, but more often love people from all over the world.  A choice to see that each one of us is unique just like everybody else.  And each one of us, made of 70 trillion cells, all influenced by the speed of thought in our environment.  Every energized thought a wave, a ripple, all connected simultaneously in equal measure to everything else.  A microcosm of the universe.

Today while reading about CERN (September 2008) I was again in awe that scientists from around the world have gathered in Switzerland to build a 17 mile circular tunnel, 330 miles beneath the earth's surface, that will enable them to reenact what exactly happened at the moment of The Big Bang.  It seems they are trying to figure out how energy becomes matter by recreating the speed of light part of the equation E=mc2.  How fast does thought travel?  Is it the same as the speed of light?  Is thought a superconductor of energy?  

It made me wonder what the human race can collectively create if we all simultaneously focus with enthusiasm on the same thought conducted at the speed of light.  What kind of energy or matter that would create!  So if it is true that all patterns in the cosmos mirror systems on every level, then just as humans give birth, reproduce and recreate life, is it reasonable that The Big Bang was simply the Universe giving birth to all of us.  And perhaps each one of us a "cell" in the macrocosm of All That Is.   

Now imagine that; if you are but one cell in the whole body of the Universe?  From this macrocosm perspective the patterns are clear. Cells within any living organism communicate with each other and are genetically programmed to grow and multiply.  When cells are resonating at the same frequency there is cooperation between the cells.  Cells absorb energy, modify according to intention (emotion = light + heat) of that energy, and are influenced by the stress levels or lack thereof put on the body.  Damaged cells from any stress absorbed by the cells including toxins the human body is not designed for such as preservatives, pollution, metals, etc., all become blocked energy.  Isolated from the whole. They lose their light source as natural communication to other cells break-down.  They form their own camps so to speak.  

I saw this reflected in a human body while watching my good mom die of cancer.   It is often remarked how fast cancer cells multiply.  The truth is they multiply at the same speed of light as healthy cells, but we only seem to measure the speed when the rate of growth creates damage rather than health.  Similar to the way we wage wars on the relatively few terrorists in the world, rather than investing the same resources to resolve the communication and include rather than exclude.  

In a similar way, while undergoing chemotherapy, the individual cells in the body are at war.  Cells fighting each other in exhaustive battle for survival, with no victors because at this point there is no communication.  The only way to "win" any disease, any war, is by re-establishing effective communication between the cells.  To influence the cell so it multiplies at the speed of light in resonance with the whole, not against it.  This is not just a job for immune system cells; every cell must be included to have resonance.  E-mc2  

If we can win the wage of war in our own bodies we can win the wage of war on the planet.  Perhaps you have more power than you thought.  :-)