Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Genius is Wisdom and Youth

Genius is wisdom and youth. Wow. A friend texted that to me the other day. I never thought of it that way before. It made me remember something I heard Wayne Dyer say as I was flipping channels and caught him on PBS...

"Wisdom is knowing we are nothing. Love is knowing we are everything."

Perhaps somewhere in there is the eternal balance. I like to believe we are all geniuses; each in our own state of becoming.

My goddaughter Allyssa is 6 years old. During a recent visit we were in the backyard playing, jumping on a giant trampoline, laughing, giggling, and reaching high for the trees. Allyssa said out of the blue, "Good fun brings good luck!"

I smiled from ear to ear and just hugged her. Genius is wisdom and youth! So I went home and bought a trampoline!

Jonathan Cainer writes, "can you remember where you were before you came here? No? Strange, isn't it. None of us can. An entire planet of people suffering from selective memory loss. Even stranger, we worry about where we go when we leave. Yet if you look at the new arrivals, you can see they clearly come from somewhere special. The smile of a baby brings in the light of another world. It is not the unknown that we need to fear. If we must be wary, look out for the world we know only too well."

So there you go. My new book, yet unpublished, will be called...

"The Meaning of Life. The Ultimate Guide to Being in the Moment"... and all the pages are blank!